Get 15% off with Bison Burger Month

August is Bison Burger Month, which means you can save on our Ground Bison and Patties all month long! Plus, this year, we're extending the deal to Elk as well!

Ground Bison, Bison Patties & Ground Elk are 15% this August 2019!

Use code: BISON-BURGER-MO-19

during checkout to claim your discount. Discount is valid on any of these options below.

Shop Bison & Elk Burger:

No matter how many pounds of burger you buy, it will always be individually sealed in 1 lb. packages. Our Bison Burger Patties are sealed 3 - 1/3 lb. square patties per package.

  • Ground Bison & Bison Burgers are 90% lean.
  • Ground Elk is 91% lean.
  • All meat is unseasoned with no other meats or fats added.

  • Bison Burger Patties

    Bison Burger Patties

  • Ground Bison Burger

    Ground Bison Burger

  • Ground Elk

    Ground Elk

  • Bulk Ground Bison Special

    Bulk Ground Bison Special

  • 60 Bison Patties Special

    60 Bison Patties Special

  • Bulk Ground Elk Burger Special

    Bulk Ground Elk Burger Special

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