Our story

Nebraska Bison. Built with hard work for the pursuit of something better. What that "better" means is up for interpretation. For some, it is a sprawling piece of land with no neighbors in sight, and the freedom to live on their own terms. For others, it is a connected community where people care about each other and actually mean it.

At Nebraska Bison, our search for better began on a humble farm with the mindset to craft something better for our families, friends, and anyone else that was seeking a healthy addition to their diet through sustainable grass-fed bison and other premium meats. For over 20 years, we have been proudly feeding families across the United States. We have been honored to raise awareness for Bison and other animals that deserve a spotlight in our food industry, and we haven't looked back since.

Being a trusted food supplier is something we take seriously, and our reviews speak for themselves. The meat we serve is the same meat we put on our own tables to feed our own families.

Our bison meat is safely processed in state-of-the-art, USDA-inspected facilities to ensure each and every product that goes out our doors will be one of the most tender and delicious meats you will ever have.

Our products are leaner which means you get the benefits of lower calories while enjoying more protein. Nebraska Bison animals are also raised without antibiotics, steroids, or hormones because our animals are naturally happy and healthy.

When you shop with us, you can trust we deliver a quality experience each and every time. Our product is only as good as our service, and our dedicated team is happy to help answer any questions or concerns you may have when ordering from us.

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