Bison Flank Steak

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Bison Flank Steak Overview:

  • Great for: fajitas, sandwiches, salads, stir fry and more!
  • Large, 16 oz. cut
  • Perfect bison steak if you like using marinades.
  • 120 calories / 2g fat / 25g protein per 4 oz. serving.

Experience the great flavor of the Flank Steak.

There are only TWO Flank Steaks available in each bison, making the Bison Flank Steak a rare treat. This particular steak also just so happens to be Randy’s (our owner) favorite cut!

The flank is a great steak for using in fajitas, salads and stir frys.

The 16 oz. Bison Flank Steak is best prepared with marinades or spice rubs, so you can really do a lot with your meals when you cook with the flank. While delicious served from the grill with sides of veggies, this large Bison Flank Steak is also a great choice if you are looking for a steak to use in stir fry, fajitas, wraps or other dishes!

Our prime bison steaks are a cut above the rest in flavor, tenderness and quality because we work hard to make sure our bison are raised with great care in the best way possible and that our meat is butchered and packaged by a top notch team.

2 [16 oz.] Bison Flank Steaks - 49
4 [16 oz.] Bison Flank Steaks - 89

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