COOKING BISON MEAT - low and slow


Special care should be taken when cooking bison meat. Although bison meats come in cuts with which most people are already familiar, the meat will cook much more rapidly than other meats (due to its leanness). Without taking proper care, bison meat can be easy to overcook. By keeping a few pointers in mind, you can ensure that you will prepare flavorful, juicy and tender meat for your bison meals.

During the cooking process, fat within the meat works as an insulator which the heat must penetrate before the cooking process begins. This slows dow the cooking process. Because bison is such a lean meat with low amounts of fat, the meat will cook more rapidly.

For these reasons, it is important to slowly cook bison over low heat for the best results. You can cook bison to your personal preference for doneness, however, medium will give you the most tender and tasteful result.

Bison Meat Color
Bison meat has a deep red color which it will retain throughout cooking. To ensure proper doneness, use a meat thermometer.

Cooking Ground Bison
Ground Bison will work great in most recipes. There is very little shrinkage from the cooking process due to the low fat content - what you see is what you will get. Often times, when browning ground bison, you won't even have to drain it!

Cooking Bison Roasts
When cooking less tender cuts of bison, such as chuck, very slow, moist heat is recommended. When slow cooking bison, you do not have to worry about overcooking, the meat can cook until it falls apart.

Cooking Bison Steaks and Burgers:
In these cases, it is important not to drive off the internal moisture by cooking at too high of a temperature or overcooking. Medium heat is recommended. The FDA and USDA recommend cooking to an internal temperature between 155-160 degrees, or for bison burger patties - to the point where the pink is just disappearing. These temperatures will fall within the medium-well done range of doneness.


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