Gourmet Bison Short Ribs

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Quick Overview

  • 4 lbs. of Bison Short Ribs
  • Tender on-the-bone bison meat
  • Will arrive vacuum sealed in 2 - 2 lb. packages.

Enjoy the tender flavor of slow cooked, on-the-bone-bison.

Bison Short Ribs are one of the few "on-the-bone" offerings we have available at NebraskaBison.com. These delicious racks of bison meat are a deliciously tender treat.

Try them slow cooked or smoked for a tasty meal.

Bison Short Ribs are a great way to experience just how tender bison can be. We recommend a slow cooking method with moist heat for best results.

Bison Short Ribs Packages:

4 lbs. Bison Short Ribs - $55
8 lbs. Bison Short Ribs - $99

Suggested Prep: Slow cook bison ribs on low for 6-8 hours or longer. 

What does Bison Taste like?

Bison is incredibly tender and flavorful. It has a rich and slightly sweet taste, and although similar to beef, it has a "cleaner" or "lighter" taste. Bison meat is a deep red color -- and has a lot less marbling! Our responsibly ranch raised philosophy and the freedom of our animals to graze and roam around the ranch, ensures that our meat is of exceptional quality in taste, tenderness and appearance.


What's the best way to cook Bison Short Ribs?

It's important to take care while cooking bison, as it is very lean. As you can see in the video above, we recommend slow cooking for best results with our bison short ribs. In the slow cooker, they will cook until they are practically fall off the bone tender.


How will this meat arrive?

The Bison Short Ribs are vacuum sealed in 2 lb. packages. We then place 2 packages into a carton, to make a 4 lb. box.

Your carton of Bison Short Ribs (and any other items you order) is placed in a cooler with dry ice to ensure that it stays frozen and cold during shipping. Even if your meat does not arrive still completely frozen (although most of the time it will), as long as it arrive cold to the touch, it is completely safe to re-freeze and cook.


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