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Benefits of Bison Meat

A better red meat

Healthy Benefits of Bison

As an alternative source of red meat, bison contains lower total fat content, but also provides a more favorable fatty acid composition compared to beef. Specifically, bison contains an increased ratio of polyunsaturated fatty acids to saturated fatty acids and 3-4 times more anti-inflammatory omega-3s.

In addition, ruminants such as bison are a major contributors of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) to the human diet, providing significantly more CLA than other non-ruminant meat sources such as pork, fish, chicken, and turkey. The dietary inclusion of a specifically rich source of CLA may be advantageous as CLA is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties, and may have an important role in the prevention of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Noteable Nutrients Found in Bison:


Selenium helps protect your body against infections and chronic disease and regulates hormones produced by your thyroid.


Zinc helps your immune system and metabolism function. It's important to wound healing and your sense of taste and smell.


B12 is a nutrient that helps keep your body's blood and nerve cells healthy and helps make DNA, the genetic material in all of your cells.

Omega 3

Omega 3s reduce risk of cardiovascular disease or death from cardiovascular disease. They reduce the risk of blood clots and sudden cardiac death. They keep the lining of the arteries smooth and free of damage, lowers triglycerides and lowers inflammation.


Iron is a mineral that the body needs for growth and development. Your body uses iron to make hemoglobin, a protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen from the lungs to all parts of the body, and myoglobin, a protein that provides oxygen to muscles.

Free Range with Room to Roam.

At Nebraska Bison, we do everything we can to keep our animals happy and healthy. This means lots of land with healthy grasses for the bison to roam and graze just like they would have thousands of years ago.

Herd of bison grazing on green grass next to tree with blue sky behind.

Raised without Steroids, Hormones or Antibiotics.

Our bison are raised naturally, without the use of growth hormones or steroids and antibiotics.

Nutritional Values of Popular Bison Cuts

Note: Full nutrition facts for most products can be found on corresponding product pages.

Bison Filet Mignon – 6 oz steak

180 Calories
3g Total Fat
75mg Cholesterol
38g Protein

Bison Chuck Roast – 4 oz serving

130 Calories
3.5g Total Fat
70mg Cholesterol
24g Protein

Ground Bison – 4 oz serving

200 Calories
11g Total Fat
80mg Cholesterol
22g Protein

Bison Ribeye – 12 oz Steak

390 Calories
8g Total Fat
210mg Cholesterol
75g Protein