Bison Short Ribs 

Bison Short Ribs are now on the menu - and they are perfect for your Saturday or Sunday tailgating!

We recommend slow cooking them (over low heat) for 6-8 hours until they are perfectly tender, although you may want to braise them first. But, feel free to prepare these delicious slabs of meat your favorite way - just remember to keep it LOW AND SLOW.

You may want to try one of these packages, to get the most bang for your buck: A Tailgating Special (Bison Patties & Short Ribs) - $128 or The Tailgater's Combo (Patties, BBQ Bison, Bison Short Ribs & Seasoning) - $150

September 13, 2012 — Stacy Tamerius


Austin said:

I live in London Online Priligy must relate to the total number of doses ordered.

Leuciane said:

dude its BBQ ribs, its not about health its about taste.But to ansewr your question.You lose fat with both cooking methods. About Vitamins they mostly die in both processes. Some people state the smoke from grilling to be carcinogen. I just remember that open flames have been the only cooking methode for centurys. Now if you want to be complete healthy, steam them. It keeps the taste, but your missing the grill flavor. Its still better than boiling them tho .

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