Ultimate Bison Ribeye Sampler

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Package Overview

  • 8 total Bison Ribeyes, in 3 different sizes / cuts
  • Each steak is individually sealed
  • Enjoy 8 incredibly tender, juicy bison steaks!

The Bison Ribeye: 3 Different ways...

Our Ultimate Bison Ribeye Sampler includes 3 different cuts of our popular Bison Ribeye Steak: The classic 12 oz. version, a 14 oz. bone-in cut, and a monster, extra-thick 18 oz. steak.

This package offer is perfect for anyone who loves the meaty, tender taste of Bison Ribeyes!

Package Includes:
4 [12 oz.] Bison Ribeye Steaks
2 [14 oz.] Bone-In Bison Ribeye Steaks
2 [18 oz.] Extra-Thick Bison Ribeye Steaks

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