Bison Tallow Soap Scrub


Lemon scented Bison Tallow Soap Scrub

𝙱𝚒𝚜𝚘𝚗 𝚃𝚊𝚕𝚕𝚘𝚠 𝚂𝚘𝚊𝚙 𝙵𝚕𝚊𝚔𝚎𝚜, 𝙲𝚘𝚌𝚘𝚗𝚞𝚝 𝙵𝚕𝚊𝚔𝚎𝚜, 𝚃𝚞𝚛𝚋𝚒𝚗𝚊𝚍𝚘 𝚂𝚞𝚐𝚊𝚛, 𝚁𝚊𝚠 𝚂𝚑𝚎𝚊 𝙱𝚞𝚝𝚝𝚎𝚛.

Frequently asked questions

How will my order ship?

Frozen orders ship in styrofoam coolers with dry ice. Orders ship Mondays - Wednesdays (depending on your location) via FedEx. Click here for more information on our shipping policy.

If your order contains only dry goods that do not require refrigeration, orders are shipped in standard boxes.