Bison Bones for Soups & Broth

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  • Do you also use the shank bone for making bison bone broth, or is the femur the best to use?

    Any bone can be used, the femur is what we find works great and have available for packaging in this offer. Often, I even like to save the bones from when I eat short ribs or the bone-in ribeye steak in the freezer to include when I make bone broth as well.

Bison Bones Overview:

  • Approximately 3 lbs. RAW bison bones
  • Femur Bones including marrow
  • Great to use for broths & stocks.

Bison Bones with Marrow for making stocks & broth.

Approximately 3 lbs. of Bison Bones with marrow for use in making Bison Broth or Stock.

Making Bison Bone Broth:

Roast Bison Bones at 300*F for 30 minutes. Add preferred vegetables (onion, carrot, celery) and bones to slow cooker. Add 2 tbsp. apple cider vinegar, 1/2 tsp. salt, garlic (optional), and a sprinkling of rosemary (optional). Cover bones completely with water. Cook on low for 36 hours. Strain. Store in airtight containers in fridge (few days max) or freezer (for up to a few months). After cooling, you will need to scrape off a layer of fat before re-heating.

Use Bone Broth for:

  • Drinking for nutritional benefits
  • Making Gravy
  • Cooking (use in place of bouillon cubes or broth/stock in recipes)
  • Soups

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