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  • How long will the meat keep in it's frozen state?

    Each package is vacuum sealed and will keep it's quality for up to 12 months.

Ground Bison Overview:

  • 100% bison.
  • 90% lean.
  • Individually sealed in 1 lb. packages.
  • Just 11g fat per serving.

Save on Ground Bison Burger when you buy in bulk!

Stock up now and save when you buy 20 or 28 lbs. of Ground Bison Burger. Our ground bison is all natural and 90% lean. Even though you're buying 20 lbs. our Ground Bison will always arrive in vacuum sealed 1 lb. packages, locking in the freshness.

Full of great flavor, you can use it in any of your favorite recipes calling for ground meat. Need ideas? Click here for great recipes using NebraskaBison.com's Ground Bison.

All Natural Ground Bison works great in all your favorite dishes.

Whether you're looking to make an amazing lasagna, a tasty chili, or delicious tacos, burgers or meatballs – ground bison is where it's at! Our all natural bison (no hormones, no antibiotics, no steroids) is the perfect protein for all your favorites, packing in great taste with lower fat and calories.

Bulk Ground Bison Special Includes:

  • 20 - 1 lb. Packages Ground Bison Burger


  • 28 - 1 lb. Packages Ground Bison Burger

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What does Ground Bison Taste like?

Ground bison has a clean, slightly sweet, rich flavor. It is similar in taste to beef which is why it will work so well in so many recipes. However, you will notice a deeper red color in the meat. Our responsibly ranch raised process and the freedom of the animals to graze and roam the ranch throughout their lifetime ensures that our meat is of excellent quality which you will notice in the taste and quality of our meat.


What can I make with Ground Bison?

You can use ground bison burger in any recipes calling for a ground meat. Using bison will ensure that you are using a lean protein in your dishes, and lend its delicious, clean flavor to your favorite dishes. Some of our favorite ways to use Ground Bison Meat: Tacos, Burgers, Meatballs, Meatloaf, Chili, Lasagna and Sloppy Joes, but really, the possibilities are endless!


How will this meat arrive?

We package all of our ground bison burger in 1 lb. vacuum sealed packages. They are then placed in cartons, 4 lbs. per box. But whether you buy 4 lbs. or 40 lbs. you will always receive them in conveniently sized 1 lb. sealed packages.

We then place the carton of burger (and any other items you order) in a styrofoam cooler with dry ice to ensure that it stays frozen and cold during shipping. Even if your meat does not arrive still completely frozen (although most of the time it will), as long as it arrive cold to the touch, it is completely safe to re-freeze and cook.

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