IMPORTANT: Cook Low and Slow! Do not overcook bison.

Cooking Ground Bison: Bison Burger will work great in most recipes. There is very little shrinkage from the cooking process due to the low fat content – what you see is what you will get. Often times, when browning ground bison, you won't even have to drain grease!

Cooking Bison Roasts: When cooking less tender cuts of bison, such as chuck, very slow, moist heat is recommended. When slow cooking bison, do not worry about overcooking, the meat can cook until it falls apart.

Cooking Bison Steaks & Burgers: Medium heat is recommended. Do not overcook. The FDA and USDA recommend cooking to an internal temperature between 155 - 160 degrees F, or for bison burger patties – to the point where the pink is just disappearing.