Ethically Raised Bison Meat

Bison Meat: From the Ranch to your Table. was founded on the idea that we could bring top quality, ethically raised bison meat directly to the people: ranch to table. Although was founded in 2011, Randy Miller (our founder) has been raising bison herds on his land since the mid-90's. Read more about our bison ranches.

Randy and his wife, Jane now own two bison ranches which they split their time between (the original ranch in Adams, Nebraska, and a second ranch near Springfield, Missouri). They are dedicated to a lifestyle of watching over and caring for their herds in a humane and ethical way – with no growth hormones or steroids, allowing the herds to roam free, minimally handled for most of their lives.

Randy & Jane's responsibly ranch raised approach to raising their bison results in a quality of bison meat that is at the top of the industry. In addition to the meat available for purchase online at, much of the bison Randy and Jane raise is bought for packaging by other large brands and grocers.

Choose to buy directly from the ranchers on your next bison meat purchase. Choose top quality bison meat. Choose