5 Reasons to Buy Bison Meat Online from NebraskaBison.com

Responsibly Ranch Raised Bison

1. You are buying meat directly from people who live to raise bison.

When you shop online at NebraskaBison.com, you are buying your meat directly from farmers. Randy and Jane Miller, owners and founders of NebraskaBison.com live and work on their two ranches in Nebraska and Missouri, splitting their time between the two locations.

Randy has been raising bison since the 90's and has spent years dedicated to the growth of the bison industry. Randy and Jane care a great deal about their animals, sustainability and their land. You can read all about our Responsibly Ranch Raised standards here.

Buying directly from family farmers like Randy and Jane puts money right back into the farm and helps continue the growth of bison in the United States.

2. Other people love our bison meat products.

We don't always like to toot our own horns. We prefer instead to work hard and focus on creating superior products. But we know that shopping online is a little different than buying products in person, so we'll share some comments from previous customers. (You can find reviews throughout our site on individual product pages, as well as leave your own once you try our meats!)

Here are a few reviews from our customers:

  • I live near a Bison farm and usually buy meat from them. I was never a fan of the hot dogs they sell! I have bought my hot dogs from two other sites, then found Nebaraska Bison. These guys are the best! Great tasting 3 oz. hot dogs! Easy to order at reasonable prices! Packaging is fool proof. Shipped the hottest days of Summer and arrived perfectly frozen! Thanks for such a great place to buy Bison! (5-Star Review on our Gourmet Bison Franks)
  • I have been eating flank steak for over 20 years and this bison flank steak is on a whole new level of flavor. More tender than a filet mignon. It's my new favorite steak. Grill it slow and low til the core temp is 150f then remove from the grill, cover and let it rest for 5-7 minutes then slice it into strips at an angle and enjoy with friends and family. I marinade it in low sodium soy sauce, a touch of Worcestershire sauce and brown sugar for 6-8 hours. You will not be disappointed. (5-Star Review on our Bison Flank Steak)
  • This is the best filet mignon I have ever tasted. Will definitely make this my #1 choice.Thank you it was delicious. (5-Star Review on our Bison Filet Mignon)

3. We make shopping easy.

There's no running around to multiple health food and specialty stores hoping they have bison in stock. Just pick out the products you're interested in, add them to your cart and checkout. We'll ship them straight to your door and make sure they arrive in perfect condition. We have been shipping products all over the country from California to Florida to Hawaii for over 5 years.

4. With our wide variety of options, we have the steaks, roasts, jerky, burger (and everything else) you're looking for.

There's no doubt bison is quickly growing in popularity. While you may be able to find bison burger and an occasional bison steak in your local health food store, we know lots of other cuts are hard to find on a consistent basis, if at all. That's where we come in. We have consistent supply of a variety of bison meat cuts from juicy, tender bison steaks, to bison roasts, burger, bison sausages and more.

5. We'll give you 10% off your first order when you try NebraskaBison.com!

Are you ready to shop? We offer 10% off discounts to new customers. Just click on the yellow box below and follow the steps to join our email club. We'll send you a discount code to use for your first order.

Or, if you're not comfortable with your computer skills, don't have an email address or just want to talk with a real person, call Stacy at 888-665-8757 and she'll be happy to assist you in placing your order!