Bison Herd

Naturally Raised Bison. No Growth Hormones. No antibiotics. Free Range.

Bison is an incredibly lean meat – but that's not all there is to love about it! Our bison are responsibly raised in a low stress lifestyle to produce the highest quality bison meat on the market.

Our bison live on spacious ranches in Nebraska and Missouri with plenty of grass to graze and space to roam so they can live according to their natural instincts.

Because bison are indigenous to the great plains, they thrive in the Midwest environment so we can raise them without growth hormones, steroids and antibiotics.

Our Value Added Products are Natural too!

We know you care about the foods you put on your plate and feed to your family... we do too. That's why "all natural" doesn't stop at the way we raise our bison.

We've worked hard  to make sure all of our value added products (such as our sausages and jerky) are made with all natural recipes as well. This means we don't add any nitrates or nitrites or any artificial preservatives or seasonings to our products.

Each of our bison items are made only with bison meat – NO other meats are used – and with very straight forward ingredient lists which you can easily find on each product page.

We're very proud of the products we offer our customers as we know neither the quality nor taste can be beat.