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  • When ordering 12 1/3 pound burgers, how many are packaged together?

    The Bison Burgers are packaged in 1 lb. packages, so there are 3 burgers per seal.

  • What is the sodium content of the bison burgers and the ground bison meat? Also the steak as well? 

    There are 90mg of sodium per 1/3 lb. bison burger patty. (This would be the same amount for the ground bison as well.) There is a link to the full nutrition facts for each product in the product description text as well. The steaks will vary based on the cut, however for example, the 10 oz. Bison NY Strip Steak has 140mg.

Bison Burgers Overview:

  • 90% lean burger patties
  • 1/3 lb. pre-formed burgers
  • 100% bison meat. No added seasonings.
  • 260 calories / 15g fat / 30g protein per burger.

Lean, All Natural Bison Burgers – Pre-formed and ready for the grill

Enjoy an easy all natural and flavorful bison burger at your own home with our pre-formed Bison Burger Patties. Each bison patty comes perfectly formed, ready to be seasoned and placed on your grill (or other preferred cooking method). All that's left to do is cook the bison burger to your personal preference (though we recommend medium or medium rare to ensure maximum juiciness!), add your favorite toppings and enjoy an awesome burger you won't soon forget!

Add our exclusive Steak & Burger Seasoning with Sea Salt to your order for just an extra $6. This custom blend was created exclusively to match our bison meat. Sprinkle on your patties prior to cooking and enjoy the flavor!

90% lean. No hormones, steroids or antibiotics used.

Our 90% Bison Burger Patties are all natural, from bison raised on our Nebraska and Missouri ranches. We raise our bison without the use of growth hormones, steroids or antibiotics and do not add any seasonings or other meats to these burgers. This meat is 100% bison meat!

Bison Burgers Packages:

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12 [1/3 lb.] Bison Burgers - $55
24 [1/3 lb.] Bison Burgers - $105
36 [1/3 lb.] Bison Burgers - $158
48 [1/3 lb.] Bison Burgers - $212

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What does Bison Burger Taste like?

Bison has a clean, slightly sweet, rich flavor. It is similar in taste to beef which is why it will work so well in so many recipes. However, you will notice a deeper red color in the meat. Our responsibly ranch raised process and the freedom of the animals to graze and roam the ranch throughout their lifetime ensures that our meat is of excellent quality which you will notice in the taste and quality of our meat. 

What's the best way to cook a bison burger?

You can cook your bison burger the same way you would cook any other burger - although the most popular method is probably by grill. You'll want to make sure not to overcook your burger or to cook it too quickly. We always recommend cooking low and slow with bison meat, so that it does not dry out. Because bison is so lean, it will cook very quickly. We also recommend not cooking your bison burgers past medium doneness. If bison burgers or steaks are cooked to well done, they will lose a lot of the tenderness and juiciness that perfectly cooked bison has.

What's the best seasoning for bison burgers?

We suggest not using as much seasoning as you would on other burgers, when cooking with bison. It's really best to let the flavor of the bison shine, and again, you don't want to dry out this lean meat, so we recommend using just enough to enhance the flavor.

You can use your favorite seasoning blends. Or, we also offer an exclusive steak & burger seasoning which was developed especially for complementing our bison meat. If you'd like even more tips and ideas, we wrote a blog post, precisely about this question, doing a series of taste tests: 6 spectacular ways to season your bison burger.

How will this meat arrive?

We package all our bison burger patties in vacuum sealed 1 lb. packages, meaning there will be 3 - 1/3 lb. burgers per package. They are then placed in cartons, 4 packages per box, for a total of 12 burgers per carton.

We then place the carton of Bison Burgers (and any other items you order) in a styrofoam cooler with dry ice to ensure that it stays frozen and cold during shipping. Even if your meat does not arrive still completely frozen (although most of the time it will), as long as it arrive cold to the touch, it is completely safe to re-freeze and cook.

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