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The Manager's Special

Manager's Special Box

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What's in the box?

Boxes could contain any combination of burger, sausages, steaks, hot
dogs, roasts, meals & jerky, however, they will only contain bison meat
products. These boxes will not contain Elk or Beef products.

We work to make sure you receive a good variety of product and that the contents of the box change from month to month. Due to the nature of the sale price on these boxes, we can not accommodate special requests or changes. However, you may choose to add items to your order each month as well.

Our best value in bison – plus FREE shipping!

Each month, we carefully curate the manager's special box to contain at least $250 worth of our premium bison meats in cuts you love. You'll get a mix of cuts that will vary each month, and that we know you'll love.

* Please note: This offer is not valid with any other discount codes or sales.

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