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Ground Elk

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Quick Overview

  • Individually sealed in 1lb. packages
  • 91% lean
  • All natural, free range elk meat – no added seasonings or other meats.

Experience the meaty taste of Premium Elk.

Shop our premium raised Elk meat and enjoy the delicious wild flavor of this popular meat. Ground Elk Burger can be used as a lean meat substitution in any of your favorite recipes calling for ground meats, including: chili, tacos, meatballs and more!

Our ground elk is 91% lean.

Lean meat. Sustainably raised.

Elk meat is an incredibly lean protein. With very little fat, this meat packs in protein and other nutrients.

  • Free Range Grazing
  • No GMOs used
  • No Growth Hormones
  • No antibiotics

Product Options:
4 lbs. Ground Elk - $49
8 lbs. Ground Elk - $89
12 lbs. Ground Elk - $129
16 lbs. Ground Elk - $173
20 lbs. Ground Elk - $209

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About Good Life Premium Meats

Good Life Premium Meats

When opened our virtual shop doors back in 2011, we had a clear focus on providing the best bison meat available to customers across the country. As business grew and more and more packages continued to be delivered all over the USA, we saw how much people were truly embracing responsibly raised, healthier meat choices and we decided to take another leap.

By expanding our menu and brand to encompass "Good Life Premium Meats", we are proud to offer even more ethically and sustainably raised protein choices to our customers with our 100% Grass Fed Organic Beef cuts and our Free Range Elk Meat.

With Good Life Premium Meats Elk & Grass Fed Beef, you know you are getting the same standard of top quality meats you've always come to expect from


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