The Butcher's Bison Share

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Back in the old days of neighborhood butcher shops, they used to say there were certain cuts of meat you could never get – or maybe didn't even know about, because the butcher would set it aside for himself.

At, we don't have this problem, as we bring you as many bison options as we possibly can, and are always working to add more. But, in this spirit, we've put together a package called "The Butcher's Share" which contains a wide variety of cuts which include some highly popular options, alongside some under-appreciated (but equally as tasty) selections.

When you choose the Butcher's Bison Share, you're getting a carefully curated package containing meats that will give you a wide variety of meals and tastes which we know you will love!

Package Includes:
2 [14 oz.] Bone-In Ribeyes
4 lbs. Bison Short Ribs
4 [6 oz.] Bison Filet Mignon
1 [4 lb.] Bison Prime Rib
1 [5 lb.] Bison Brisket
4 [10 oz.] Bison NY Strips
2 [16 oz.] Flank Steak
4 lbs. Ground Bison
1 [4 oz.] bottle Steak & Burger Seasoning with Sea Salt

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