Lean Meat Steak Sampler - Organic Beef, Bison, Elk

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  • 12 individually sealed steaks
  • Free Range Elk, All Natural Bison, Grass-Fed Organic Beef
  • Package Includes:
    - BISON Top Sirloin
    - BEEF Top Sirloin
    - ELK Ranch Steaks
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Premium Steaks from Top Quality Lean Meats.

This sample package will provide you with three different sources of steak: Elk, Organic Grass-Fed Beef and Bison. With our Lean Meat Steak Sampler, you'll be able to taste the unique flavors of each of these meats and stock up a variety of steaks in your freezer. 

This package contains a combination of products from our two brands: NebraskaBison.com and Good Life Prime Meats. Each of your products will arrive clearly labeled as to its type.

Package Includes:
4 [10 oz.] Bison Top Sirloin
4 [10 oz.] 100% Grass-fed Organic Beef Top Sirloin
4 [8 oz.] Elk Ranch Steaks

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