Lean Meat (Bison) Starter Pack

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Quick Overview

  • Variety package including 12 steaks, ground burger and roast
  • All Natural Bison Meat
  • Package Includes:
    - Ground Bison
    - Bison Filet Mignon
    - Bison Flat Iron Steaks
    - Bison Top Sirloin
    - Bison Rump Roast
  • Save $34 with this package offer!

Get started with bison meat with this great variety pack!

Get several lean bison cuts with this starter package! You'll get to enjoy the meaty flavor and incredible tenderness bison can offer with this selection of steaks, roast and burger.

Package Includes:
4 lbs. Ground Bison
4 [6 oz.] Bison Filet Mignon
4 [8 oz.] Bison Flat Iron Steaks
4 [10 oz.] Bison Top Sirloin
1 [2.5 lb.] Bison Rump Roast

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