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Bison Franks + Steaks

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Package Overview:

  • 2 Grilling Favorites: Individually Sealed Bison Steaks + our popular Jumbo Bison Hot Dogs
  • Offer Includes:
    - Bison NY Strip Steaks
    - Bison Franks
  • Save $13 off retail with this special package offer.

Shop Grilling Favorites: Bison Franks & NY Strips.

Our Bison Franks + Steaks package pairs two popular bison favorites together at a special offer price.

Our Gourmet Bison Franks contain no added nitrates, nitrites or MSG and are made with just bison meat and spices -- as you can easily see from our straight forward ingredient list below. Plus, add in our deliciously lean Bison NY Strip Steaks and you won't be able to wait to get your grill fired up for these tasty meals!

Package Includes:
4 [10 oz.] NY Strips
16 Jumbo [3 oz.] Gourmet Bison Franks (hot dogs)

Gourmet Bison Franks Ingredients: Bison, water, vinegar, salt, spices, sugar, paprika, celery powder, beet powder, garlic, onion, sea salt.


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