Lean Bison Steak Special

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Quick Overview

  • Includes 8 lean Bison Steaks
  • All steaks individually sealed.
  • Package Includes:
    - Bison Filet Mignon
    - Bison Top Sirloin
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8 Lean Bison Steaks.

This bison special package is a delicious offer for steak lovers, paleo adopters and those looking for a lean, heart healthy, red meat option! The Lean Bison Steak Special gives you 8 delicious steaks that are among the leanest choices in bison -- without sacrificing any taste or tenderness!

The Bison Filet Mignon continues to be our most popular selection and the Bison Top Sirloin complements it nicely, giving you a rich, meaty steak!

Package Includes:
4 [6 oz.] Bison Filet Mignon
4 [10 oz.] Bison Top Sirloin

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How will the meat arrive?

Each steak will be individually vacuum sealed. The Bison Filet Mignon will be placed in a carton of 4, as will the Bison Top Sirloin, to help protect during shipping.

We then place each of these cartons (and any other items you order) in a styrofoam cooler with dry ice to ensure that it stays frozen and cold during shipping. Even if your meat does not arrive still completely frozen (although most of the time it will), as long as it arrive cold to the touch, it is completely safe to re-freeze and cook.

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